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Theft of a Home Pregnancy Test

Hello, My name is Alexis. On 5/20/16 I was caught kind of shoplifting a $10 pregnancy test, I need help on this one.

Asked about 1 hour ago - Chicago, IL
Practice area: Criminal Defense
5/20/16 I was having a pregnancy scare, so me and my friend went to Walmart to get a test. We went in the back bathroom to initially put the test in my wallet & leave. However as we were walking, right before we made it to the door we were caught. They brought us in a room, we signed a paper, gave them our id's and they even took a picture of us. They said we were off with a warning AND NO COPS WERE CALLED. A week later I received a civil demand letter from Michael ira Asen telling me to pay $300. However my friend never got one. ALSO THE ITEM NEVER LEFT THE STORE, The $10 test was given back right away!! Everytime I call they hang up on me or give me attitude. My questions are
1.) is this really a scam?
2.) what will happen if I don't pay?
3.) I'm studying to be a nurse, will this be on some type of record I NEVER stole before!
4.) I can't afford a lawyer and I don't want my mom to know, on general what do I do?!

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  1. Answered First, do not admit to what you are doing like this on this site, it can be used against you.
    I will answer your questions and label them
    1. It is not a scam but is real, though I have not heard or anything really happening when not paying
    2. generally nothing
    3. most likely not
    4. relax and move on with your life.
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