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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Be careful what you click on.

Am I going to jail? Can they track me? I know I'm a bit young to ask this, but I just wonder. Thanks for any answers.

Asked about 13 hours ago - Saint Louis, MO
Practice area: Criminal Defense
I'm scared that I've done something illegal. I'm 13 (I'm using my dad's account to ask this) and I was on a forum board. I saw a link that goes by the name of, and I clicked it, not knowing what it led to. It led to children maybe around the age of 15? They were fully clothed, though. No 'sexual poses' I've heard to have been illegal. I was on there for maybe about 5 minutes, as I went to play one of my games.


  1. Answered You have not been arrested, charged, and no one is looking for you. You said it led to 15 year olds fully clothed, not child porn. Be careful what you click on and stop worrying.
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