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Second Driving While Suspended

What can I do

Asked 18 minutes ago - Kansas City, MO
Practice area: Speeding Ticket
I recently just got another driving while suspended ticket again I haven't got one for a year or so this would be my second offense in Missouri I can't go to jail what else can I do instead of jail?


  1. Answered You are not alone in your situation. I get calls from lots of prospective clients who have 1-5 Driving while suspended. What I have found is this, one driving while suspended begets more driving while suspended tickets if you do not take care of the matter. Majority of people do not face any jail time. What you need to do is hire an attorney to begin unwinding the situation. First is to solve the problem as to why you are suspended. This could be points or not taking care of a ticket and having an outstanding warrant. A good traffic attorney can help you remove points from your record or get that warrant set aside. Then you get reinstated and go after the first DWS and then the second. It will cost a bit of money, but will cost you more if you do not confront the situation.