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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What happens if I never get a traffic ticket for an offense??

How long do they have to serve me with ticket? I assume it has to be in person like any other subpoena?

Asked 34 minutes ago - Chandler, AZ
Practice area: Speeding Ticket
I was at fault for running a red light on March 5, 2016. I was only given the officers business card at the scene. After speaking with rep. from both insurance companies and the officer via telephone, I was verbally informed and then later, by letter, that I was at fault. Approximately 2 months later I receive notification from AZ DOT that my license has been suspended for FTA on said ticket. I called the court and was told to speak with officer and then judge if unsatisfied. The officer at first tried to tell me I was cited at scene, but eventually he admitted that he had not.
I understand that I need to speak to the judge to have suspension lifted.


  1. Answered You have until the statute of limitation runs out on your offense. They generally send you a notice in the mail like a letter. Failure of notice could be a defense here since no one contacted you or it was sent to an incorrect address. I would hire an attorney and get this all cleared up.
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