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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Water contamination and Flint Michigan

Can I file lawsuit for water contamination?

Asked 27 minutes ago - Springfield, MA
Practice area: Personal Injury
Hi. I have been sick in & out the hospital and back and forth to The doctors over the last year or two because I've been so ill and they didn't know what was causing it but I kept getting basic blood test done over the years showing as normal but i recently was hospitalized and did a full blood culture and found out I have poison in my blood because water contamination from my house. My question is who do I take legal action against? And can I sue for personal injury and pain and suffering? I have been diagnosed with gastritis and my tonsils were taken out because I kept and tonsillitis every month because of bacterial infection and prescribed all of these pain medicine & I have long lasting chronic pain that doesn't go away . because they thought it was flu I wasn't treated for this issue but it was the infection in my blood causing chronic pain shortness of breath and dizziness.


  1. Answered From the flood of lawyers going to flint michigan, I would say yes. In general the the rules of sovereign immunity protect municipal governments and this would be a very expensive case to prove. You need to contact a local attorney to get the best opinion.
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