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Urban legend: error on speeding ticket gets it dismissed.

Do I fight the ticket? Is it dismiss-able due to his error or not, due to my speeding and fault? What plea should or can I take?

Asked about 1 hour ago - Castle Rock, CO
Practice area: Speeding Ticket
I was going 41 in a 25 mph construction zone. I was pulled over and given a mandatory court date. When I asking what the points and fine were and the why I had to go to court he said I don't know I don't work at the courts. On the explanation of the ticket it says 41 in 25 mph construction zone. Below that, however, it says radar at 41mph, speed limit 25mph and a box is checked as school zone and not construction. I was not in a school zone and no explanation of the ticket was given when asked about fines and judges to the officer. He just said show up at court. I got a speeding ticket in May of 2013 but a minor ticket.


  1. Answered It is an urban legend that if a cop screws up in writing your ticket, then the ticket is dismissed. Saying to the judge, I was not in a school zone but a construction zone will do very little depending upon where you were. Hire a good traffic lawyer and get this off your record. 

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