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Friday, April 29, 2016

Wife wants back with rapist husband.

How do I, as the victim, go about having this part of his sentence modified or lifted changed so we can see each other?

Asked about 13 hours ago - Felton, DE
Practice area: Criminal Defense
I would like to get a criminal no contact order lifted for my exhusband. He was sentenced to 10 years for rape 2nd w/o consent & possession of deadly weapon in commission of a felony. I was the victim. Through his family I have learned of his self improvement endeavors & since this crime occurred while he was under the influence of drugs & alcohol, & he has since been put on medications appropriate for his mental issues I feel perfectly safe & would like to be able to see him & work on rekindling our relationship. He has a no contact order with me given him by the superior court judge as part of his sentence


  1. Answered You can have your husband file a motion to modify the sentence but I feel your case will fall flat. You were raped by this man with a deadly weapon. You would need a medical professional to bolster your testimony, so I suggest seeking a therapist as soon as possible. This is an awful crime, take time to consider what you are asking.
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