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Monday, April 11, 2016

Tinfoil hat and other signs your potential client needs mental help


I need to file a lawsuit and need help what are my next steps.

Asked 18 minutes ago - San Diego, CA
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An electromagnetic spectrumeter is aimed right at my family. The united states navy is doing this to monitor my movements. A person by the name of Ryan O'neal in the USN Chemical Engineer took the property that belong to my father. One of the items is an electromagnetic spectrumeter. The spectrumeter is a device that was used in the Mkultra project. I have recordings on my phone of sounds coming from the satellites that have been above my family for over 29 years.

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Answered . I would get you and your family to a doctor to test for damages caused by this spectrometer, you need to verify what damages have occurred and protect your family. Also see a psychiatrist to measure the pain, suffering, distress this is causing you. Tell him the full story and get a report, once you have assessed the damages, then you may hire an attorney.
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