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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Is it still mine after we break up?

If a car is a gift but title was never signed over to me am I legally entitled to car?

Asked about 1 hour ago - Kansas City, MO
Practice area: Lawsuits & Disputes
We were Living together and Engaged. During that time he bought me a car as a gift. Engagement is broken off and I am moving out due to many factors such as abuse etc. Title is still in his name.


  1. Answered The answer in general is yes, but this will be tough to prove. You need to show evidence of the intent to give you the vehicle and not just of it's use while you were engaged. The fact that he failed to title it to you certainly goes against you, but he did deliver the actual vehicle to you. When you gift a vehicle in Missouri to a charity, you must turn over the title and register the transfer. So you can sue him for it, but will have a hard time getting the car.
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