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Thursday, April 14, 2016

How officers judge speeding, clocking and pacing.

What is the difference between clocking and pacing? I know the officer did not use radar or lidar because it was not checked off

Asked 20 minutes ago - Mansfield, MA
Practice area: Speeding Ticket
First time offender pulled over for going 80-85 in a 65. Officer was in front of me in right lane and I never passed him. Citation has "clocked" checked off but no additional notes.


  1. Answered Pacing is where the officer puts their car at the approximate speed of yours and can tell how fast you are going. Clocking is measuring how fast you went between 2 distances. Road markers are of common use in this process. Vascar(Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder) is often used in this process and is a lot less accurate than pacing.
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