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Friday, April 1, 2016

Church not paying intern.

Does this conflict the working laws in Kansas?

Asked 6 days ago - Wichita, KS
Practice area: Employment
I was notified that I'll become a paid intern at my church for graphic design. I have been waiting 5 months for more information about this internship and hopefully signing a contract. As I have been patiently waiting, the church has hired a graphic designer that would be supervisor for the interns. He has asked me to designed a couple of logos and help with media needs regarding the church, and so I got the job done. I have still not received any internship contract nor am I receiving credit for my designs. I'm a photographer and they're asking to shoot staff photos for the church's website. Am I allowed to charge them for that?


  1. Answered Places of employment are required to pay you for you work and there are now special laws even for interns. Though it is a church, you are not donating your work to them, you are supposed to be working for them. Interns are to be paid a certain amount and you have not received anything nor a contract, I would send them a bill.