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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Annulment and marriage from hell

Do i qualify for an annulment?

Asked 37 minutes ago - Mooresboro, NC
Practice area: Divorce
When i was 16 i married my husband (who is now in jail for shooting two elderly ladies with no major injuries) hes 20 now and im 17 now, i married him in january of 2016. I just recently found our that last year i was unconsious from consuming too much alcohol while i was pregnant (because he was pretty much forxing me to drink, cause i was pregnant by another man) he put eye drops inside of my vagina and had sex with me 5 times, and the next day i was vomiting and bleeding profusely from my vagina, so i had a miscarriage. There were also instances where he raped me when i was unconscious and recorded it, and once put his entire fist in me while i was passed out. I only found these things out about a month ago and since ive found out, i told his grandma and mom who i was living with. That resulted in me getting kicked out and having to live with my dad. Is there ANY way this will qualify for an annulment? I dont even want to press charges i just want out of this marriage and to never see him again. Please help me, im also really worried about what he'll do to me when he gets out next summer. We both live in north Carolina and got married here.


  1. Answered The grounds for an annulment in North Carolina are as follows:
    Code Sections 50-11.1; 51-1.2, 2, 3
    Underage; previously undissolved marriage; impotent; lack of consent due to lack of will or understanding; belief that female is pregnant.

    The only grounds you may have is lack of parental consent, If your parents did not consent to this marriage, you may be able to annul it.

    If you cannot annul it you need to get a divorce, a restraining order , and get away from this awful abusive man. Move out and get away. You are not safe with a person like this. Hire a lawyer and protect yourself.
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