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Monday, April 4, 2016

A whole lot of question for no answer, when attorneys must be quiet.

I am being forced off my drug treatment. I was never told this would happen. In fact I told my lawyer NO DEAL that inculded that

Asked 32 minutes ago - Flint, MI
Practice area: Criminal Defense
I plead guilty to possession of analongs. My lawyer, was VERY unorganoized. Didn't have answers he needed and on and on. I got probabtion and mental health court. Now I find out Mental Health Court will force me off of methadone, which is saving my life. My lawyer never told me that was going to happen. I was VERY emphatic I would do NOTHING that put my treatment in danger. Now they are telling me because I plead I'm able to do nothing. I can agree to mental health court and go off of my treatment, in a very dangerous way (much quicker than medically safe) or go back in front of the senetncing judge and likley go to prison. This "lawyer" was observed my my dad, his friend, and others in the court as not known what he was doing. The judge would ask him simple questions, he didn't know the answers to but I did among other things.
I cannot go off this treatment, its saving my life. Do I have ANY options? ANY? Can I really not hire a judge to go back in front of the setnecing judge for my appeal? Do I really have no options but throw away my years of progess and suffer?


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