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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Workplace bullying

Is this bullying? Can they treat me this way?

Asked 24 minutes ago - Independence, MO
Practice area: Employment

A few weeks ago I had asked my main supervisor if i could move to early week day shift every since I have asked that and my on shift supervisor got wind of it she has been yelling at me for no reason even for talking to my coworkers whom are working right next to me. At this factory I feel like I am being bullied by my supervisor and have honestly not been back since I really do not feel comfortable going back and would rather seek new employment. I got called in a few days ago on a Tuesday I had asked if I could leave early due to the fact I had a conference call with my school supervisor which I missed because I was told" there is no leaving early for anyone", but yet anytime I ask to leave early for something important and get told no moments later someone is leaving early. I have asked to leave early due to my kids school activities or something with my kids and I have been told can't your mother-in-law do it?

Answered It appears that you are being bullied and singled out, the question is, are you being discriminated against or just being bullied. If you are being discriminated against based on being in a protected class(race, age, sex, religion, etc) then you have plenty of remedies including contacting the eeoc or the Missouri human rights commission. If you are not part of a protected class, then you have a lawsuit against your supervisor for intentional infliction of emotional distress. The IIED(intentional infliction of emotional distress) would require a lot more incidents and more severity of actions. In general, there is no protection by law against bullying when you are an adult.