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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The People Vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story:A review

The People Vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story:A review

This is less of a blog and more of a plug.  The People Vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story is one of the best mini-series I have seen in a long while that covers a crime and courtroom drama.  There are some dramatic liberties but it mostly follows the facts that occurred in the actual case and as set forth by Jeffrey Toobin's book, "The Run of his Life".  The show could be 100 episodes instead of just 10, but it highlights the most important parts of the case.  I will give you a short summary of each one.

From the Ashes of Tragedy-  The show begins with the most important event that set the tone for this case, Rodney King and the LA riots. After the murders when the initial investigation began.  This was where the bumbled investigation or conspiracy(depending upon what you believe) begins.

The Run of His Life - An entire episode dedicated to a low speed car chase.  This episode was exciting and riveting.  All of America watched that car chase, including me being all of 10 years in a restaurant, huddled around a television with all of the other patrons.

The Dream Team- People who play basketball, dream of being in the NBA, people who go to law school, dream of being great attorneys, the dream team was the dream team of lawyers.  Cochran, Shapiro, Dershowitz, Scheck, and Bailey.  All were/are amazing attorneys, each with their own unique talent that they brought into the case.  I do feel the show portrays Robert Shapiro unfairly and that he is an excellent lawyer.

100% Not Guilty- The jury selection begins which is the beginning of the end for the prosecution.  They avoided getting a Batson challenge(where the defense claims they are picking the jury based on race) and let the dream team pick the dream jury.

The Race Card- The dream team changes the house to look more "african" and they begin their strategy of attack the LAPD for their poor reputation(earned or not) of racial profiling and attacks.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia- This episode covers how the press unfairly berated and attacked prosecutor Marcia Clark.  Marcia Clark did not deserve all of the attacks she received and should have been treated better.  This also has the best scene so far in the show and one of the best in the trial.  The moment F. Lee Bailey confronts Mark Furhman about his use of the N-word.  This scene is great and intense

Conspiracy Theories- "If the Glove don't fit, you must acquit"  This episode demonstrates the pivotal mistake made by the prosecution of how they asked to have OJ try on the gloves.

Check out the next episode on Tuesday night on FX
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