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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lose my license over a traffic ticket???

Q: Do I need a lawyer for a speeding violation in Lyon County, going 26 MPH over the 70 MPH speed limit? I live in MO.

I was told that if I were a Kentucky resident I would lose my drivers license for this offense. Further, since I am a resident of Missouri, the same circumstance could apply as a Missouri driver. Is this true?

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A: Assuming this is your only offense and you are a non-cdl driver, no you will not lose your license. Do you need to get an attorney, Yes I recommend getting an attorney and getting your ticket amended to a non-moving violation. In Missouri they department of revenue adds points to your record and if you get enough your license can be suspended. Insurance companies will check your driving record when you renew or look for new insurance. Because you got a speeding ticket, they will raise your rates because they will assume you are a riskier driver. The amendment process is quite easy and costs generally between $150-$300 in fines and I charge a flat fee of $75 a ticket. Get a lawyer and get this taken care of.
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