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Thursday, February 11, 2016

what can an old employer tell your new employer??

I was wondering If an old employer can tell a new employer that I was arrested and what for also that they shouldn't hire me?

Asked about 15 hours ago - Hyattsville, MD
Practice area: Employment
Hi I started a now job, in the interview my boss ask if I had any experience and I told him where I worked but not in anyway I said it ok to contact my second to lest job and on the application I mark don't contact but my boss did on my second day of work. Now I am worried he might fire me. Also over heard him telling a supervisor that I was fired then they stared to speak Spanish.


  1. Answered Can an old employer tell a new employer that you were arrested, yes they can. However most do not and should not talk about anything other than dates of employment, otherwise they leave themselves open for a defamation suit. Saying that you shouldn't hire someone is an opinion and again subject to a defamation suit because they prevent you from getting a job. As for the rest, you will have to wait to find out if you still have a job.
    best of luck