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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Top 10 Television Courtroom Dramas by closeness to reality.

OK so this is a little different than my normal blog of answering legal questions but I wanted to open this one up for discussion.  I love courtroom dramas but as a lawyer find them to be far from the truth and there are a lot of ethical violations in each show.  I am going to rank tv dramas based upon how close they are to reality.  Theses are shows I have seen, so I am excluding quite a few.  Comment on my ranking and make suggestions of what I have not ranked.  Also in looking at

1. Law and Order-the original series covers many cases that originally went to the supreme court
2. Law & Order Spinoffs
3. The Practice
4. Boston Legal
5. Night court(yes it goes before how to get away with murder)
6. How to get away with murder
7. Damages
8. Matlock
9. LA Law
10. Ally Mcbeal

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Below is a list from wikipedia of courtroom dramas