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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Malicious Prosecution


I am being charged over $13,000 for board from when I was held in a County Jail for 13 months on a bond that was too high for me to come up with but the charges I was being held on were ultimately all dropped then refiled completely different and I was released on an OR bond. If I had been charged properly to begin with I wouldn't have had to stay in jail so long. How can I appeal that bill? There are other things on the bilI I want to question, too.
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12/31/15, 8:28 pm


Unfortunately you really have no avenues to solve your problem. The only one that comes to mind is a lawsuit for malicious prosecution. You would have to prove the following That the prosecutor intentionally (and maliciously) pursued a legal action that was brought without probable cause and dismissed in favor of the victim of the malicious prosecution. The police and state are generally protected by sovereign immunity. These are high hurdles to climb. I have to say it is unfortunate what has happened to you and very hard to solve.

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