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Monday, December 28, 2015

Crazy Ex and Protective Orders


Type Your Question Here... I have filed a protective order against my husband he has since broke my door in and assaulted me he was charged with domestic assault and battery and he was set bond and and condition of his bond that was a no contact order set by the judge he has since then broke into my house again help me against my will for over 5 hours assaulted me repeatedly and threatened to kill me over and over again when I finally got away and called the police they came and told me they would not be arresting him because they could find no physical evidence of a salt but there wasn't no contact order the judge ordered they did absolutely nothing about since then he has numerous times been on my property he has taken my vehicle and not returned it and now says its in drivable what is a no contact order mean and does this man have to kill me and still be nothing to be done about him not to mention he's already on a suspended sentence and do supervision for drug conviction in the same county back in 2013 please help before he kills me I do not know what to do
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First, a protective order is a piece of paper that does not stop bullets and nor shields you from harm. You must get to a safe place where he cannot find you. Second thing you must do is hire an attorney to advocate for you to the court and to the prosecutor and get his bond revoked. Third, call the police and the sheriff every time an incident occurs and keep calling. Taking everything you say as true, the police do not seem to be cooperative, however there is always the sheriff. At some point they must spot him and there has to be evidence of his actions. The final thing is that you can sue him for all of these actions that have occurred against you for monetary damages. But first thing is first, get to safety immediately!!!
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