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Marijuana, HIPAA, and a Hit and Run

Information Holding

Asked 18 minutes ago - San Francisco, CA
Practice area: Insurance
So i work for a medical marijuana company, long story short. an employee hit and ran my vehicle, We know who it is, He quits later on that day so i can't just meet him up in the future and my company refuses to provide me his information because they claim hes under the

"HIPAA" privacy act for medical marijuana use

so what the hell. what steps should i take. I haven't told the insurance company yet. I wanted to see what are my options are first. Should i just tell my insurance and will they be able to extract that information from my company?


  1. Answered I do not exactly see how he is protected under hipaa, he is an employee and you know who is. Contact your insurance company and tell them who it was.
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