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Saturday, April 2, 2016

You can find hate speech anywhere!!!

This hate filled question was posted on  A website I highly recommend for free answers to legal questions aside from my own blog and website.  I am amazed at where people will put their filth.

I'm NOT interested in Jap- male or female judges or lawyers. What make you think Jap- looks out for other Japanese Americans?

Asked 14 minutes ago - Los Angeles, CA
Practice area: Brain Injury

LOL. They are ALL $CROOKS. Isn't Paul T. Suzuki Japanese American judge/lawyer who used slave brokering business in conspiracy with FBI/USAO and greedy Jews/Arabs lawyers/non lawyers to illegally $profit millions for themselves, their own relatives/families, Tanya Assaf criminal, Bradley I. Kramer, and all other malicious $$greedy community criminals and lawyers/their $greedy families for your/their own financial gains without paying me a cent, YOU MALICIOUS CROOKS? PAY ME $500,000,000.00 CASH IN PUNITIVE DAMAGES NOW AND GO ARREST ONE OF YOUR GREEDY PET CRIMINAL CONSPIRATOR TANYA ASSAF 23 YEAR OLD $$FAKE ARAB, PROSECUTE, AND JAIL HER IN THE NAME OF FAIRNESS/EQUALITY/JUSTICE. IN THE NAME OF SHAKE BOOBS ARAB/JAP- CONSPIRACY. CROOKS.

Answered I am offended and find this to be a bunch of hogwash, find another forum to throw your hate speech elsewhere.
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