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Friday, March 11, 2016

Marijuana Possession

Is there any chance of getting locked up? Should I expect to be put on probation? Will I just get fined and if so how much?

Asked 6 days ago - Munfordville, KY
Practice area: Criminal Defense
I got pulled over in hart country Kentucky with a gram of weed for personal use it was rolled up in a cigar ready to smoke I gave it up to the officer he gave me a court summons and cut me loose. This is my first offense. Other than that I have a clean record


  1. Answered There is always a chance of getting locked up. A supreme court case upheld the arrest and jailing of a woman not wearing a seat belt. The maximum penalty for possession in Kentucky is 45 days and or a $250 fine, for possession of less than 8 ounces. I certainly think you will get fined, probation and what type of probation is all up to the judge. The fact you cooperated with the officer is always helpful. I do not practice in Kentucky and do not know the judges in Hart County so I cannot take a guess as to whether they are lenient or not.
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